Ableton Live 9 and Suite 9 Limited Offer

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Ableton Live 9 and Suite 9 hit an incredible blow out deal before they even become available! There's never been a better time to jump on the Ableton band wagon, this software platform has attracted a significant number of users during recent times due to the superb workflow and ease of use that it offers. There are also a myriad of Ableton hardware controllers that offer serious hands on integration at extremely affordable prices.


This latest campaign, called the "Live 8 Sell Out" offers amazing value from this limited period promotion. In short, buy either Live 8 or Suite 8 with a 25% saving now and you will receive a free upgrade when Live 9 and Suite 9 become available, which is expected during the first quarter of 2013. Checkout the Ableton Live 9 and Suite 9 upgrade offer below on Live 8 and Suite 8, whilst stocks last!


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