Drum Machines and Drum Practice Pads

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Sounds Live offers a fantastic range of Drum Machines and Practice pads. These beat boxes are ideal for guitarists, songwriters and live performers as they add incredible sounding drums tracks to your music or can help develop the feel and rhythm of your playing.


We stock a wide range of Drum Machines and Practice Pads from the biggest brand names including Alesis, Arturia, Boss, Roland, Korg and more - check them out below!

Alesis DM Dock iPad Drum Module
  • Alesis DM Dock iPad Drum Module
  • Drum Module featuring iPad Dock from Alesis
    Alesis DM Dock joins AmpDock in delivering a completely new and exciting range of products that harnesses the power of your iPad. Alesis DM Dock comes as a protective cover for your iPad and...
  • £159.00
Alesis DM10 Drum Module
  • Alesis DM10 Drum Module
  • High Quality Drum Module from Alesis with Dynamic Articulation
    The Alesis DM10 is the drum module you've been waiting for! Not only does DM10 deliver lightning-fast, uber-accurate tracking, the widest dynamic range of any module, incredibly...
  • £429.00
Alesis Performance Pad Pro
  • Alesis Performance Pad Pro
  • Upgraded version of the Electronic Percussion Pad from Alesis
    Alesis Performance Pad Pro is an upgraded, or Pro version of the popular Performance Pad. Alesis Performance Pad Pro delivers a professional sound, coupled with style and control. You can...
  • £229.00
Alesis SR16 Drum Machine
  • Alesis SR16 Drum Machine
  • Classic Electronic Drum Machine from Alesis
    The Alesis SR16 is the Classic Drum Machine for Composition, Recording and Accompaniment. As one of the most popular drum machines ever made, the Alesis SR-16 has been used by everyone from...
  • £96.00
Alesis SR18 Drum Machine
  • Alesis SR18 Drum Machine
  • Pro Grade Electronic Drum Machine from Alesis
    The Alesis SR18 delivers protable pro-grade drums for mobile musicians. The legendary SR-16 ignited the drum-machine market in 1990 and has remained a classic ever since. The SR-18 is designed...
  • £169.00
Alesis Trigger iO
  • Alesis Trigger iO
  • Electronic Percussion Interface with USB Interface and BFD Lite
    The Alesis Trigger IO is a powerful new electronic percussion interface designed to bridge the gap between the ultimate control and feel of a real drum performance and the extensive capability...
  • £94.00
Arturia SparkLE Drum Machine
  • Arturia SparkLE Drum Machine
  • Ultra-Compact drum production workstation featuring Spark engine...
    Arturia SparkLE is a new hybrid drum machine that will take your beat creations to new heights. Arturia SparkLE combines incredible sounds, work flow and creative tools of the Spark Engine...
  • £199.00
Boss DB-90
  • Boss DB-90
  • Boss Dr Beat Drum Machine and Metronome
    The Boss DB-90 is an integral drum machine and metronome that enables you to practice in style. The new DB-90 is loaded with quality sounds and drum patterns to make your practice sessions...
  • £109.00
Boss DR-3 Drum Machine
  • Boss DR-3 Drum Machine
  • Entry Level Drum Machine from Boss
    The Boss DR-3 Dr Rhythm Drum Machine enables guitarists and songwriters to add incredible-sounding drums to their music. DR3 is an ultra-affordable drum machine and includes some of...
  • £145.00
Korg Beat Boy Drum Machine
  • Korg Beat Boy Drum Machine
  • All in one Drum Machine Tuner and Recorder from Korg
    Korg Beat Boy offers a highly affordable drum machine packed with an awesome array of features ideal for any guitar or bass player looking to improve their playing. Korg Beat Boy comes loaded...
  • £68.00
Korg WaveDrum Mini Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer
  • Korg WaveDrum Mini Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer
  • Mini version of the awesome Wave Drum Percussion Synthesizer
    Korg WaveDrum Mini joins the superb Wavedrum range of products from Korg. Korg WaveDrum Mini delivers a compact and affordable take on the WaveDrum dynamic percussion synthesizer. Featuring...
  • £149.00
Korg WaveDrum WD-X
  • Korg WaveDrum WD-X
  • Next generation affordable Wave Drum from Korg
    Korg Wave Drum WDX - the legend continues! The original Korg WAVEDRUM was a percussion synthesizer, released in 1994 at around £1500, and remains one of KORG’s legendary musical...
  • £339.00
Korg Wavedrum WDX Global Percussion Synthesizer
  • Korg Wavedrum WDX Global Percussion Synthesizer
  • Wavedrum Drum Pad featuring a massively updated and increased...
    Korg Wavedrum Global Edition delivers next generation percussion synthesis combined with the most powerful evolution of Wavedrum. Korg Wavedrum Global Edition comes loaded with the largest...
  • £399.00
Nord Drum 2 Analog Synthesizer
  • Nord Drum 2 Analog Synthesizer
  • Updated version of the Analog Drum Synth featuring Resonance Modeling
    Nord Drum 2 offers a drumming experience unlike any other drum module on currently on the market. Nord Drum 2 features state-of-the-art Clavia analog Resonance modelling combined with...
  • £399.00
Nord Pad Drum Controller
  • Nord Pad Drum Controller
  • Trigger Pad Controller for the Nord Drum 2 Analog Synth
    Nord Pad comes newly developed by Clavia to offer a compact, super responsive multi-pad for the Drum 2 analog synth module. Nord Pad features 6 multi-pads and connects to Nord Drum 2 via a...
  • £199.00
Roland RMP-5 Practice Pad
  • Roland RMP-5 Practice Pad
  • Advanced Practice Pad featuring an onboard Sound Set
    Roland RMP-5 builds upon the winning rhythm line, started with the RMP-3. Sharing a few key features in common with the popular RMP-3, RMP-5 has a convenient one-piece molded body with...
  • £179.00
Roland SPD-30 OCTAPAD Percussion Pad
  • Roland SPD-30 OCTAPAD Percussion Pad
  • New Octapad joins the SPD Range
    Roland SPD-30 OCTAPAD replaces the ageing SPD20 and continues the legend of the SPD series Digital Percussion Pad. SPD-30 carries on the legacy of Roland’s original Octapad, which...
  • £599.00
Roland TD-11 Drum Module
  • Roland TD-11 Drum Module
  • SuperNATURAL Drum Sound Module from the V-Compact range of Drum Kits
    Roland TD-11 Drum Module forms the heart and sole of the all new TD11 range of V-Compact electronic drum kits and features the highly acclaimed SuperNATURAL sound engine. Roland TD-11 features...
  • £429.00
Roland TD-15 Drum Module
  • Roland TD-15 Drum Module
  • SuperNATURAL Drum Sound Module from the V-Tour range of Drum Kits
    Roland TD-15 Drum Module forms the heart and sole of the all new TD15 range of V-Tour electronic drum kits and features the highly acclaimed SuperNATURAL sound engine developed for the...
  • £739.00
Roland TD-30 Drum Module
  • Roland TD-30 Drum Module
  • Flagship Drum Module featuring SuperNATURAL Voicing
    Roland TD-30 V-Drum module forms the centre piece of the all new TD30-KV and TD30-K V-Pro and V-Tour range of electronic drum kits. Roland TD-30 delivers a flagship sound module loaded with...
  • £1,599.00
Yamaha DTX502 Drum Module
  • Yamaha DTX502 Drum Module
  • DTX500 Series Drum Module featuring 12-Trigger Inputs
    Yamaha DTX502 Drum Trigger Module updates the superb DTX500 and ushers in a new range of updated DTX500 series drum kits for this autumn. Yamaha DTX502, although retaining the familiar layout...
  • £249.00
Yamaha DTX700 Drum Module
  • Yamaha DTX700 Drum Module
  • DTX Series Drum Trigger Module by Yamaha
    Yamaha DTX700 Drum Trigger Modules feature 50 preset electronic and acoustic drum kits designed to cover a wide range of music styles. Yamaha DTX700 allows you to edit and over-write presets,...
  • £634.26
Zoom RT-223 Drum Machine
  • Zoom RT-223 Drum Machine
  • Drum Machine with on-board Bass Sounds
    The Zoom RT-223 features an amazing range of drum kits. A total of 70 drum kits are built-in, with acoustic drum sounds for rock, R&B, funk, and jazz. Add an analog rhythm machine great...
  • £106.00