Hardware Sequencers & Samplers

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At Sounds Live we stock a fantastic range of Hardware Sequencers & Samplers from the leading brand names in the business including Alesis, Roland and Korg.


Hardware sequencers are ideal for robust storage of MIDI data and most Samplers, or Sample Pads, come loaded with trigger pads making them the ultimate percussive sampling instrument and the ideal partner to any drum kit, percussion setup, DJ booth or keyboard rig!

Alesis SamplePad Pro Sampler
  • Alesis SamplePad Pro Sampler
  • 8-Pad Percussion and Sample Triggering Instrument with Onboard...
    Alesis SamplePad Pro is an all-in-one percussion and sample-playing instrument that comes equipped with 8 responsive, LED-illuminated rubber pads and 10 preset kits. Alesis SamplePad Pro...
  • £199.00
Alesis SamplePad Sampler
  • Alesis SamplePad Sampler
  • Multi-Sampling Pad featuring four velocity-sensitive Trigger Pads
    Alesis SamplePad delivers the ultimate in flexible and affordable percussion and drum sampling. Alesis SamplePad comes loaded with 25 built-in sounds and has the ability to customize your drum...
  • £89.00
Korg Electribe ESX2 Sampler
  • Korg Electribe ESX2 Sampler
  • Electribe Series Sampling Production Station from Korg
    KORG ESX2 Electribe Sampler joins an all new version 2 line-up of this ever-popular range of music production stations. KORG ESX2 Electribe comes brimming with Korg’s latest technology...
  • £329.00
Korg Volca Sample
  • Korg Volca Sample
  • Sampling edition featuring a Motion Sequencer joins the Volca...
    Korg Volca Sample expands this hugely popular range of beat boxes with the addition of a digital sampler that also integrates a motion sequencer for quick and easy music production. Korg Volca...
  • £119.00
Roland SP-404SX Performance Sampler
  • Roland SP-404SX Performance Sampler
  • Portable Hands-On Sampler with SD Storage
    The Roland SP-404SX takes an exciting leap forward from the highly acclaimed SP404. In addition to the fun, fast, hands-on features of the original SP404, the SP404SX performance sampler...
  • £359.00
Roland SPD-SX Sample Pad
  • Roland SPD-SX Sample Pad
  • Sample Pad Controller from Roland featuring 2GB of internal memory
    Roland SPD-SX delivers the ultimate percussive sampling instrument featuring a huge 2 GB of internal memory, which you can use to store loops, groves and samples. Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad...
  • £549.00