Sustain and Expression Pedals

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Sustain Pedals enable the notes of a piano to resonate after the keys have been lifted and cause all the notes to echo and overlap, offering the true experience of playing a real acoustic piano. Whereas an expression pedal is used to control aspects such as the tone and volume.


Sustain and Expression Pedals are a must for the serious keyboardist and here at Sounds Live we stock an extensive line-up from the biggest names in the industry from Clavia Nord, Korg, Roland and many more!

Alesis ASP-1 Sustain Pedal
  • Alesis ASP-1 Sustain Pedal
  • Non-Latching Footswitch style Sustain Pedal from Alesis
    Alesis ASP-1 sustain pedal features a standard footswitch design and comes with an extremely low profile. Alesis ASP-1 sustain pedals have a non-slip bottom, polarity switch and with its...
  • £14.99
Bespeco VM 20 Pedal (Sustain Type)
  • Bespeco VM 20 Pedal (Sustain Type)
  • Non-Latching Footswitch
    Bespeco VM 20 is a non-latching or momentary footswitch. Bespeco VM 20 control pedal is manufactured using an aluminium structure with external grooves that allow multiple pedals to be linked...
  • £11.95
Boss FS-5L Latching Footswitch
  • Boss FS-5L Latching Footswitch
  • Latching Pedal/Footswitch by Boss
    Boss FS-5L is a latching footswitch. Boss FS-5L was designed for applications requiring a latching function. Please refer to your manual to confirm whether you require a latching (Boss FS5L)...
  • £29.00
Boss FS-5U Momentary Pedal (Sustain Type)
  • Boss FS-5U Momentary Pedal (Sustain Type)
  • Non-latching Footswitch by Boss
    Boss FS-5U footswitch offers a momentary or non-latching function. Boss FS-5U is the ideal pedal for applications requiring a non-latching or momentary footswich, for example as a keyboard...
  • £24.30
Boss FS-6 Dual Footswitch
  • Boss FS-6 Dual Footswitch
  • Switchable momentary and latching dual AB Pedal
    Boss FS-6 delivers double switching power via a dual footswitch design. Boss FS-6 offers two switches in one, combining the FS-5L (latch-type) and FS-5U (momentary-type) pedals into one unit....
  • £45.00
Korg DS-1H Sustain Pedal
  • Korg DS-1H Sustain Pedal
  • Piano style sustain pedal for Keyboards and Digital Pianos
    Korg DS-1H is a professional piano style damper, or sustain pedal. Korg DS-1H Sustain Pedals offers half-damper action when used with products that support a half-damper control function. For...
  • £49.99
Korg EXP-2 Expression Pedal
  • Korg EXP-2 Expression Pedal
  • Controller Expression pedal from Korg
    Korg EXP-2 delivers a highly versatile foot controller, or expression pedal that can be used with most Korg keyboards, modules and effect processors. Simply connect Korg EXP-2 to the...
  • £60.00
Korg PS-1 Momentary Pedal (Sustain Type)
  • Korg PS-1 Momentary Pedal (Sustain Type)
  • Non-Latching Footswitch from Korg
    Korg PS-1 is a universal, non-latching footswitch. Korg PS-1 features a momentary function and can be used as a sustain pedal when connected to the damper input of Korg keyboards. PS1 can also...
  • £29.00
Korg PU-2 Piano Pedal Unit
  • Korg PU-2 Piano Pedal Unit
  • 3-Way Pedal Board for Korg SP-280 Digital Pianos
    Korg PU-2 Piano Pedal Unit features a 3-way layout and delivers control over soft, sostenuto and hold functions offering a true grand piano experience. Korg PU-2 comes designed for use with...
  • £45.00
Moog EP2 Expression Pedal
  • Moog EP2 Expression Pedal
  • Moogerfooger Control/ Expression Pedal
    Moog EP2 was created by Moog to deliver the finest expression pedal available. Moog EP2 features an incredibly smooth action and gives the feel musicians need for precise, playable control....
  • £37.49
Moog FS-1 Momentary Pedal (Sustain Type)
  • Moog FS-1 Momentary Pedal (Sustain Type)
  • Footswitch for Murf and Minimoog Voyager
    Moog FS-1 Footswitch was designed for the Murf and Minimoog Voyager range of synths. Moog FS-1 is a heavy duty footswitch in a steel enclosure that is reliable and built like a tank. FS1 is a...
  • £37.99
Nord Half Moon Switch for C1 Organ
  • Nord Half Moon Switch for C1 Organ
  • Rotary Speaker Switch for Nord C1 Combo Organ
    Clavia Nord Half Moon Switch controls the speed of the built-in rotating speaker simulation of the Nord C1 Organ, as well as controlling an external rotary speaker connected via the 11-pin...
  • £92.00
Nord Sustain Pedal
  • Nord Sustain Pedal
  • Sustain Pedal for Clavia Nord series Stage Pianos
    Nord Sustain Pedal piano style foot switch makes the ideal accessory for any Clavia keyboard or digital stage piano. Nord Sustain Pedal comes supplied with captive cable to 1/4" phone plug.
  • £29.00
Nord Triple Pedal
  • Nord Triple Pedal
  • Triple Piano Style Pedal for Nord Piano 88, Nord Stage 2 HA76,...
    Nord Triple Pedal comes designed to work with Piano 88, Stage 2 HA76, HA88 and SW73 to offer unprecedented functionality. Nord Triple Pedal also features dynamic control of the mechanical...
  • £129.00
Roland DP-10 Sustain Pedal
  • Roland DP-10 Sustain Pedal
  • Piano Style Sustain Pedal from Roland
    Roland DP-10 is a piano style sustain pedal designed for Roland keyboards and digital stage pianos. Roland DP-10 features a rubber plate that secures non-slip pedal work. DP10 also comes...
  • £29.00
Roland DP-2 Pedal (Sustain Type)
  • Roland DP-2 Pedal (Sustain Type)
  • Footswitch style Sustain Pedal by Roland
    Roland DP-2 is a non-latching footswitch. Roland DP-2 can be used as either a Sustain or Damper Pedal and is also ideal for any applications that require a Momentary or Non-Latching...
  • £14.99
Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal
  • Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal
  • Controller Expression pedal from Roland
    Roland EV-5 is an Expression or Control Pedal design for use with Roland and Boss products. Roland EV-5 functions as a multi-purpose expression pedal or controller and can be assigned,...
  • £55.00
Roland RPU-3 3-Pedal Sustain Unit
  • Roland RPU-3 3-Pedal Sustain Unit
  • 3-Pedal Unit featuring a Grand Piano Pedaling Experience
    Roland RPU-3 3-Pedal Unit combines the functionality of three separate pedals into one convenient product. Roland RPU-3 sustain pedal delivers an exception grand piano experience and even...
  • £89.00