Crossovers & Patchbays

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Alto Professional StageDrive+ Speaker Management System
  • Alto Professional StageDrive+ Speaker Management System
  • Digital Speaker Management System featuring PC Control
    Alto Professional StageDrive+ speaker management controller features 3-way stereo, 3, 4, 5, or 6-way mono crossover within a 1U rack case. Alto Professional StageDrive+ can be controlled via a...
  • £329.99
DBX 223S Active Crossover
  • DBX 223S Active Crossover
  • Stereo 2-Way or Mono 3-Way Mono Active Crossover
    DBX 223S functions as either a stereo 2-way or a mono 3-way active crossover. DBX 223S delivers ultra low-noise performance coupled to a rugged and reliable crossover design. 223-S uses...
  • £126.38
DBX 223XS Active Crossover
  • DBX 223XS Active Crossover
  • Stereo 2-Way/Mono 3-Way Active Crossover featuring XLR I/O
    DBX 223XS offers stereo 2-way or mono 3-way functionality. DBX 223XS delivers the same feature set as the 223S active crossover, but also comes loaded with pro XLR in/outs. 223-XS delivers an...
  • £136.29
DBX 234S Active Crossover
  • DBX 234S Active Crossover
  • Stereo 2/3-Way or Mono 4-Way Crossover
    DBX 234S active crossover units feature stereo 2/3-way or mono 4-way operation. DBX 234S X-Over delivers superb performance, ultra low-noise, rugged reliability and four decades of dbx...
  • £159.00
DBX 234XS Active Crossover
  • DBX 234XS Active Crossover
  • Stereo 2/3-Way or Mono 4-Way Crossover featuring Balanced XLR I/O
    DBX 234XS delivers all the functionality of the superb 234S active crossover, including stereo 2/3-way or mono 4-way operation, but features upgraded connectivity. DBX 234XS crossovers come...
  • £182.27
DBX DriveRack 260 Speaker Management System
  • DBX DriveRack 260 Speaker Management System
  • EQ & Loudspeaker Management featuring Feedback Elimination
    DBX DriveRack 260 EQ & speaker management system features 2 independent channels of processing power with a linkable 28-band graphic EQ. DBX DriveRack 260 comes packed with a dbx stereo...
  • £784.08
DBX PB-48 Patchbay
  • DBX PB-48 Patchbay
  • Balanced or Unbalanced Patchbay featuring 1/4 Inch Jack Sockets
    DBX PB-48 patchbay features 48 balanced or unbalanced 1/4 inch jack patchpoints. DBX PB-48 has user-adjustable board assemblies that can be configured for Half-Normalled or De-Normalled...
  • £89.00
Mackie SP260 Speaker Processor
  • Mackie SP260 Speaker Processor
  • 2x6 Loudspeaker Controller for Active and Passive PA Systems
    Mackie SP260 speaker processor features and array of sophisticated EQ, crossover, dynamics processing and loudspeaker protection. Mackie SP260 delivers the ultimate in speaker control for...
  • £512.00
Samson S 3-Way Active Crossover
  • Samson S 3-Way Active Crossover
  • Active Crossover featuring 2-way, 3-way and 4-way Operation
    Samson S 3-Way active crossover is a versatile 2-way, 3-way and 4-way crossover featuring +/-12dB range with LED metering and Peak indicators. Samson S 3-Way features Low, Mid and High...
  • £169.00
Wharfedale XO-204X Stereo Crossover
  • Wharfedale XO-204X Stereo Crossover
  • Active 2-way Crossover featuring LED Output Meters
    Wharfedale XO-204X is a 2 way stereo active crossover featuring a 60Hz to 1KHz sweepable crossover frequency, ideal for feeding subs and full range units with discrete bandwidths right out of...
  • £99.00
Wharfedale XO-206X Stereo Crossover
  • Wharfedale XO-206X Stereo Crossover
  • Analogue Active Crossover featuring 3-Way Stereo Output
    Wharfedale XO-206X 3 way stereo analogue active crossover features a low/mid crossover frequency that is sweepable from 60Hz to 1KHz providing an ideal frequency split between your subs and...
  • £139.00