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Yamaha THR10X (Ex-Display) Hi Gain Guitar Combo Amp
  • Yamaha THR10X (Ex-Display) Hi Gain Guitar Combo Amp
  • 10-Watt Boutique Style Hi-Output Valve Practice Amplifier...
    Yamaha THR10X joins the stunning range of THR boutique styled personal guitar amplifiers and comes packed with an incredible feature set. Yamaha THR10X delivers an awesome hi-gain tone for...
  • £229.00
Yamaha THR5 (Ex-Demo) Guitar Amp
  • Yamaha THR5 (Ex-Demo) Guitar Amp
  • Ex-Demo version of the Boutique Styled 10-Watt THR5 Practice Amp
    Yamaha THR5 (Ex-Demo) Condition: A1. Includes all accessories, full packaging and UK manufacturer's warranty. Yamaha THR5 takes the performance standards of guitar practice amps to an...
  • £145.00
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