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  • Korg Kaoss Carry Bag
  • Korg Kaoss Carry Bag
  • Carry Bag for Kaossilator, mini-KP and Pandora PX5D
    Korg Kaoss Bag offers the ideal accessory for your Kaossilator in the form of a black webbed nylon pocket style bag. Korg Kaoss Bag features a velcro flap and white KORG logo. Korg Kaoss Bag...
  • £12.99
  • Korg SP-170 Dust Cover
  • Korg SP-170 Dust Cover
  • Dust Cover for SP-170 Series Digital Pianos

    Korg SP-170 Dust Cover is designed to fit of over the SP-170 digital piano range and will keep your keys free of harmful dust and debris.

  • £15.00
  • Korg CB-SV-73 Rolling Carry Case
  • Korg CB-SV-73 Rolling Carry Case
  • Gig Bag for Korg SV1 73 Stage Vintage Digital Pianos
    Korg CB-SV-73 Rolling Carry Case comes designed specifically for the 73-Note SV1 Stage Vintage Piano. Korg CB-SV-73 Rolling Carry Case makes the ideal accessory for SV1-73 and this awesome Gig...
  • £95.00