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  • Peavey PV23XO Stereo Crossover
  • Peavey PV23XO Stereo Crossover
  • Active Crossover featuring 2-way Stereo/3-way Mono Configuration
    Peavey PV23XO 2-Way Stereo/3-Way Mono Crossover is a dual channel 2-way crossover featuring low-noise, low-distortion components. Peavey PV23XO gives the flexibility of a two-way stereo...
  • £99.00
  • Peavey PV35XO Stereo Crossover
  • Peavey PV35XO Stereo Crossover
  • 3-way stereo/4-way and 5-way mono Active Crossover
    Peavey PV35XO crossover is a unique PA processor that can run as a 3-way stereo, or 4-way/5-way mono crossover. Peavey PV35XO is a dual-channel model house in a rugged 1U case. PV35XO gives...
  • £155.00
  • Peavey VSX-26 Speaker Management System
  • Peavey VSX-26 Speaker Management System
  • Digital Loudspeaker Management System featuring Programmable Delay
    Peavey VSX-26 loudspeaker management system features fully adjustable crossover points with any-input-to-any-output flexibility. Peavey VSX26 comes packed with USB A&B ports to access...
  • £369.00