• Alesis SamplePad Sampler

  • Multi-Sampling Pad featuring four velocity-sensitive Trigger Pads

Alesis SamplePad Sampler

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Alesis SamplePad Sampler  - Information

Alesis SamplePad delivers the ultimate in flexible and affordable percussion and drum sampling. Alesis SamplePad comes loaded with 25 built-in sounds and has the ability to customize your drum or percussion setup by adding your own unique sounds. Sample Pad features four trigger pads and gives you access to a limitless palette of sounds.

With 25 percussion and electronic drum sounds built in, and the ability to load any sounds you like using a standard SD card, SamplePad put the sounds you need on its great-feeling pads. Add a external trigger input for a trigger or switch pedal and the ability to mount on virtually any snare stand or rack, and the SamplePad makes expanding your setup easy and convenient.

SamplePad will fit almost anywhere, so it's perfect for drummers and other instrumentalists who want to incorporate sampled sounds into their setups. Connect the Sample Pad to an amplifier, PA or recording system using its standard dual 1/4-inch outputs, and monitor on your favorite headphones. The kick input works with most pads and triggers including the DMPad and RealHead Kick Pads. Alesis SamplePad's easy-to-use interface, you won't be rifling through endless submenus and categories to find the sound your looking for. Simply strike the pad you want to change, dial to the sound you want and you're done.

If you discover a great combination of sounds you want to keep together, simply designate it as a kit and Alesis SamplePad will save it for easy recall anytime you want. Give your kit some personality with the SamplePad.

Alesis SamplePad Sampler  - Specifications

  • Add any sound sample to your drum or percussion setup via standard SD card (sold separately)
  • Built-in library of the 25 most-commonly requested percussion and electronic drum sounds
  • Bright blue backlit display and intuitive interface for easy operation in any amount of light
  • Four velocity-sensitive pads and a selectable input for a trigger or switch pedal
  • Save your favorite sound combinations for easy recall
  • Compact size integrates easily into almost any drum or percussion setup
  • Fits on a snare stand, sits tabletop, or mounts on any stand or rack
  • Tune and add reverb to your sounds, then assign them to any of the four pads or the kick input
  • MIDI output for use as a controller for triggering sound modules and software
  • Sound file format: sounds must be mono, 16/8-bit, 48/44.1/32/22.05/11.205 kHz.
  • Maximum total sample memory: 14MB
    1 Clap
    2 Finger Snap
    3 Cowbell High
    4 Cowbell Low
    5 Triangle Muted
    6 Triangle Open
    7 Tambourine
    8 Wind Chimes
    9 Sleighbells
    10 Claves
    11 Block
    12 Jawbone
    13 Studio Shaker
    14 Live Shaker
    15 Electro Tom Hex
    16 Timbale
    17 Conga Slap
    18 Conga Open
    19 Electro Kick 8
    20 Electro Kick 9
    21 Electro Kick Hex
    22 Electro Snare 8
    23 Electro Snare 9
    24 Electro Snare Hex
    25 Electro Crack Hex

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