• Alesis Trigger iO

  • Electronic Percussion Interface with USB Interface and BFD Lite

Alesis Trigger iO

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Alesis Trigger iO  - Information

The Alesis Trigger IO is a powerful new electronic percussion interface designed to bridge the gap between the ultimate control and feel of a real drum performance and the extensive capability of software and hardware sound modules. The Trigger IO converts playing from your favorite percussion interface, whether electronic drum pads or acoustic drum triggers, into MIDI note messages.

Featuring both MIDI out and USB connectivity, the Alesis Trigger I/O can be used to play sounds on synths, drum modules, or on your computer - straight from your drumkit. Bundled with FXPansion’s BFD Lite - a professional software drum module with high-quality acoustic and electronic drum kit libraries - the Trigger IO will get you up and rocking in no time.

With ten trigger inputs and its versatile MIDI out functions, the Trigger I/O is the perfect interface for musicians who want to expand the scope of their current equipment to include control over computers, samplers, synths, or other MIDI modules. Its intuitive interface and 20 programmable presets allow for easy setup and quick user operation. Plus, the bundled FXPansion BFD Lite software provides an additional source of creative material.

The Alesis Trigger IO can be used by any percussionist at any level in their home, studio, or during a live performance to control various software and hardware sound modules, all while maintaining the feel of a real percussion performance. Additionally, the mounting holes for an optional drum stand mount make the Trigger IO adaptable to any environment.


Alesis Trigger iO  - Specifications

  • 10 TRS Trigger Inputs for Single or Dual Zone
    Trigger Inputs
  • Includes BFD Lite, Virtual Drum Software Module by FXpansion
  • 20 Programmable Presets for Storing and Recalling
  • Various Setups
  • Includes BFD Lite Software Drum Module (Mac and PC) with Professional Quality Acoustic and Electronic Drums in standalone, VST, AU and DXi plug-in formats
  • Easy Interface for Quick Editing and User Setups
  • USB 1.1 Plug and Play (Windows and Mac), MIDI Out
  • Hi-Hat Input for on/off or Continuous Control
  • Up/Down Footswitch Input for Selecting Kits Remotely
  • Customizable Trigger Settings for Sensitivity, Assignment of MIDI Channels, Note Numbers,
    Crosstalk, velocity curve, threshold, retrigger time and pad type
  • Mounting Holes for Optional Drum Stand Mount
  • 10-1/4" TRS Trigger Inputs
  • 1- 1/4" TS input for Hi Hat Continuous control messages
  • 1- 1/4" TRS input for up/down value footswitch
  • USB 1.1 Jack
  • MIDI Out Jack
  • 20- Presets (can be overwritten)

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