Alesis USB Studio Electronic Drum Kit
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Alesis USB Studio Electronic Drum Kit  - Information

Alesis USB Studio Drum Kit is a more affordable version of the USB Pro Kit, offering DM Pad cymbals as opposed to the Surge Pack that comes with the Pro Kit. The USB Studio kit enables drummers and studios to track drum performances with MIDI software and hardware sound modules. Alesis USB/MIDI drum set features dual-zone RealHead drum pads, low-noise DMPad Cymbals, and a compact, studio-friendly StealthRack drum rack. Harness the powerful processor in your computer to create incomparably realistic electronic drum tracks.

The USB Studio Drum Kit harnesses your Mac or PC's processing power, enabling you to create incredibly realistic and incomparably flexible drum performances. You can track in a live or pieced-together drum track and change the sound later, easily with the USB Studio Drum Kit. The true touch of real, tunable, mylar drum heads, combined with low-noise DMPad Cymbals, creates an acoustic-feeling, great-sounding drumming experience.

Just plug the kit's Trigger iO interface into your Mac or PC's USB port, load up your sequencing, recording, or virtual instrument software, and you're ready to play. Because the USB Studio Drum Kit is MIDI compatible, you can track a performance, and then go back afterward and tweak your sounds. Try that with acoustic drums! The USB Studio Drum Kit also opens up a new world of software including BFD, Toontrack, and Reason to drummers and producers looking for realistic drum performances.

The USB Studio Drum Kit's acoustic-feeling RealHead drum pads are built around 8” mylar drumheads and acoustic-dampening foam for quiet response. The snare and tom pads are dual-zone, enabling rimshot or rim-click sounds on the snare and additional sounds such as wind chimes, cymbals, gongs, and cowbells on the tom rims. The drumheads can be replaced with any model you choose from any manufacturer. The heads are tunable with a standard drum key for adjustable tension and feel. The triple-flanged counterhoops are covered in removable, sound-reducing rubber sleeves, which further cut acoustic noise. The USB Studio Drum Kit includes a self-standing RealHead Kick Pad with stand, to which any model of single or double-bass-drum pedal can be attached.

The kit includes a DMPad Hi-Hat Cymbal, a DMPad Crash Cymbal, and a dual-zone DMPad Ride Cymbal. DMPad Cymbals provide a rubberized playing surface for a great balance between natural cymbal feel and low stick-on-pad sound. The Crash and Ride feature large choke triggers on the undersides for accurate cymbal control. The DMPad Hi-Hat Cymbal and RealHat Pedal give you continuously variable control from wide open to tightly closed.

The fully adjustable, compact StealthRack is built of 1 1/2" metal tubing, which is standard throughout the drum industry. It's easy to expand the USB Studio Drum Kit with any manufacturer's clamps and mounts. All necessary clamps, professional 1/4" cables, and mounting hardware are included. All clamps adjust with the included drum key. All of the hardware on the USB Pro Drum Kit is designed for sure grip and extensive adjustability.

Track the most realistic MIDI drum performances possible. Realistic feel meets sonic and creative flexibility in the USB Studio Drum Kit.

Alesis USB Studio Electronic Drum Kit  - Specifications

  • Drum set USB/MIDI controller
  • RealHead 8” dual-zone drum pads feature real heads
  • Low-noise DMPad Cymbals: continuous control hi-hat, crash, dual-zone ride
  • Ultra-fast triggering with software sequencers, recording software, and MIDI hardware
  • 10 TRS inputs for kit expansion with additional pads, cymbals, and acoustic drum triggers
  • Compact, black aluminum StealthRack

USB Studio Drum Kit Includes:

  • 4 x RealHead 8" Dual-Zone Pads
  • RealHead Kick Pad with stand, for use with single or double kick pedals, sold separately
  • RealHat Pedal hi-hat continuous controller
  • DMPad Hi-Hat Cymbal
  • DMPad Crash Cymbal
  • DMPad Ride Cymbal
  • StealthRack black drum rack, complete with all mounts and cables
  • Trigger iO trigger-to-MIDI USB interface
  • Software CD
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide

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