Focusrite Liquid Channel Mic Preamp

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Focusrite Liquid Channel Mic Preamp  - Information

Focusrite Liquid Channel is a revolutionary professional channel strip that can precisely replicate any classic mic-pre and compressor. Focusrite Liquid Channel comes loaded with models that cover all the famous names in microphone pre-amplifier design. By combining radical new analogue pre-amp technology with Dynamic Convolution techniques, Liquid Channel fuses cutting-edge analogue design with lightning fast SHARC DSP. Augmented by fully digital controls and optional remote software, Focusrite Liquid Channel provides the ultimate fluid vintage collection.

Rather than creating a similar sound to vintage units, as with modelling devices, The Liquid Channel precisely replicates their sonic behaviour. This is achieved through Dynamic Convolution, the application of a unique, level-dependant set of responses to an audio signal. These measured responses, sampled at numerous levels and with every possible setting combination, are applied to the input stream on a sample-by-sample basis for accurate replication.

Mic-pre replication can’t be achieved with software alone. Hardware is required in addition to account for the physical interaction with the microphone. As a result, Focusrite invested vast amounts of time and energy into designing and building the ultimate ‘liquid’ preamplifier, able to match the input impedance and signal path (transformer or electronic) of the device being replicated.

Second order harmonic distortion is a beneficial artefact of analogue circuits (especially tube and transformer-coupled designs) providing the much-loved ‘warmth’. However, often two units of the same type will vary in the amount of second order distortion produced, so an additional control for modifying this vintage property is provided. This allows for precise matching of the Focusrite Liquid Channel to your own beloved mic-pre.

Focusrite Liquid Channel combines a highly complex, massively flexible analogue front-end with Dynamic Convolution processing, which utilises lightening fast SHARC chips and runs at sample rates of up to 192kHz. The front panel controls are digital, with tactile rotary encoders; all parameters can be stored in one of 99 User Memories. At the press of button, you can reload all mic-pre, compressor and EQ settings for an individual session. If using The Liquid Channel in conjunction with a recording platform (e.g. Pro Tools), both the session files and The Liquid Channel’s User Memory can be sent via standard data transfer methods, providing a completely mobile recording session. Perfectly replicated vintage classics with the power and ease of use of the digital domain.

The USB port on the rear panel allows remote control of Focusrite Liquid Channel, leaving the processor safely racked away. But that’s not all. The software application also serves as an archiving system for additional replicas and User Memories, and permits downloads of additional classic units. So, The Liquid Channel is infinitely expandable.

Focusrite Liquid Channel Mic Preamp  - Specifications

  • Loaded with 40 classic mic-pre and 40 classic compressor replicas
  • Endlessly expandable library of replicas via USB download
  • 99 User memories allow you to save every parameter
  • File format provides easy transfer to other Liquid users
  • Software application option allows comprehensive control and archiving facility
  • 192kHz internal processing and ADC/DAC as standard
  • New Focusrite Digital EQ
  • Adjustable 2nd order distortion accounts for variance in vintage originals
  • Cascade two units for stereo-linking of all parameters

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