M-Audio KeyRig 49 USB Midi Controller Keyboard

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M-Audio KeyRig 49 USB Midi Controller Keyboard  - Information

M-Audio KeyRig 49 is a superb entry level USB Midi Controller Keyboard. M-Audio KeyRig 49 features a 49-note velocity sensitive keyboard action and comes bundled with the KeyRig software bundle from M-Audio. With KeyRig 49 you can turn your computer into a highly versatile keyboard workstation.

Key Rig is an award-winning software bundle for the PC, and includes 4 quality virtual synths. Bundled with the M-Audio KeyRig 49 Midi controller keyboard makes this a great place to start composing and performing music with a computer. You can use KeyRig 49 to play Key Rig’s virtual instrument sounds, or audition loops and compose songs with M-Audio’s Session, Apple’s GarageBand, Ableton’s Live Lite (included) or other music-creation programs.

The KeyRig 49 keyboard also includes professional features like pitch and modulation wheels, an assignable volume slider, octave +/- buttons and a sustain pedal input. It’s powered via a single USB cable and works instantly with computers running Mac OS X or Windows XP. The M-Audio KeyRig Software Bundle features:

  • The SP-1 Stage Piano module serves up grand pianos, Wurlitzer, classic electric pianos, FM, clavinet and more. Each preset can hold a combination of two instruments with individual settings for Mix, Octave, Detune, Velocity and Tone. Owing to a dual effects section, each preset also has its own effect settings including delay, chorus, phaser and more.
  • The MS-2 Polyphonic Synthesizer delivers a new, easy way to call up and edit great synth sounds. Each preset consists of sub-presets for each major section: filter, amp, mod and FX. Creating new sounds is as simple as combining these sub-presets in different ways and tweaking any associated parameters from there as desired.
  • The MB-3 Tone Wheel Organ authentically emulates the classic Hammond sound complete with rotary speaker. Standard features include nine drawbars that are pre-mapped to M-Audio brand USB MIDI controllers, percussion and variable key click, three chorus and three vibrato settings. Rotary speaker emulation includes tube overdrive, speed and tone controls to yield everything from glassy jazz chords to smoking rock leads.
  • The GM-4 General MIDI Module delivers 128 GM instruments plus a great GM drum kit. It instantly plays GM-compatible standard MIDI files from host applications and provides an extremely easy way of sequencing additional backing tracks.
  • Key Rig modules each feature their own dual effects processors for delay, chorus, phaser and more.There’s also a master effects section that further processes the combined output of all modules.
  • You get an internal mixer and assignment controls that allow you configure independent MIDI channels for each module. But that’s not all… you can easily create splits and layers for things like left-hand bass with right-hand keys, piano/string layers and any other combination you can think of.
  • M-Audio’s virtual racks let you use them as stand-alone instruments or with most host sequencers. Lots of people, for example, are just taking their keyboard and laptop to live performances. Compatibility with AU, VST and RTAS also means that you can use it as sound sources for your tracks in Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live, and, well, pretty much any popular music software.

M-Audio KeyRig 49 USB Midi Controller Keyboard  - Specifications

  • 49-note velocity-sensitive synth-action keyboard
  • Assignable modulation wheel and volume slider
  • Pitch bend wheel
  • Assignable octave +/- buttons
  • Edit mode button
  • Sustain pedal input
  • USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 compatible
  • Connection and power via a single USB cable
  • Instant installation on Mac OS X and Windows XP computers - just plug and play
  • Includes award-winning M-Audio Key Rig software (PC only) featuring:
    • four top-quality virtual sound modules: SP-1 Stage Piano, MS-2 Polyphonic Synthesizer, MB-3 Tone Wheel Organ and GM-4 General MIDI
    • use stand-alone or with a sequencer
    • variable velocity and controller setting
    • split and layer modules for performance combinations
    • module and master effects processors
    • compatible with most popular software
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite music creation software

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