• Mackie Big Knob Audio Controller

  • Desktop Audio Controller and Monitor Switching Centre

Mackie Big Knob Audio Controller

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Mackie Big Knob Audio Controller  - Information

Mackie Big Knob delivers desktop audio routing control for computer-based music making. Mackie Big Knob features simple monitor switching and level control with built-in Talkback functions. Big Knob offers Control Room functionality from a compact, desktop, controller.

Mackie Big Knob is a simple yet powerful desktop audio control center that lets musicians and engineers get right to the business of making music in four major ways: Level Control, Studio Monitor Selection, Input Source Selection and Talkback & Headphone Control.

Using a big, convenient volume knob, Big Knob lets you adjust volume levels the way our ancient audio ancestors (Analogus Engineerus) did - with a simple, intuitive knob, not with a mouse and screen. The end result is a higher degree of precision and much quicker level adjustments.

When it comes to mixing, pros know it’s best to get a second, and third, opinion. So Big Knob lets you quickly switch between 3 pairs of studio monitors, or 2 studio monitors and a subwoofer, or studio monitors and a home stereo, or any other combination of powered speakers.

On the input side, Big Knob lets you connect up to 4 stereo input sources at once. This means you can simultaneously connect to your computer/DAW outputs, CD player, cassette deck and even a turntable using the premium onboard RIAA preamp. You can even connect keyboards, guitars, drum machines, samplers - anything you’d like to hear - through your monitors. This makes Big Knob great for comparing your mixes-in-progress to your favorite CDs, for archiving your old LPs, jamming along to your favorite tune, and lots more.

With its built-in Talkback mic and spring-loaded activation switches, Big Knob lets you quickly communicate with musicians in both the studio and tracking room - no more hand signals through the glass! Big Knob also sports two high-powered headphone outputs with a discrete headphone mix bus, solving the communications needs of most computer-based studios.

Although its shiny silver knob is a head-turning feature, the Mackie Big Knob's rear panel is equally impressive. There you’ll find three distinct Monitor outputs with individual level control; 2-Track A and 2-Track B stereo outputs with level selection switches; a DAW stereo output for your computer; a Studio output with level control; a Phones Mix input with level selection switch; 2-Track A and 2-Track B Stereo Source inputs with level control; a DAW Mix input from your computer with level control; and even a Phono input with level control for direct connection to your turntable.

Because the Mackie Big Knob plays a crucial link between recording output(s) and studio monitors, we placed the utmost importance on pristine, no-compromise sound quality. For this reason, Big Knob features ultra low-noise op amps, extremely low-tolerance components and state-of-the-art surface mount technology. All of this ensures superb sound in critical listening environments and long-term reliability - even under daily, and nightly, studio use.

Mackie Big Knob Audio Controller  - Specifications

  • Tabletop level control / monitor switcher / source selector & talkback box
  • Big, convenient volume knob for precise level adjustments
  • Switch amongst 3 sets of studio monitors
  • Built-in Talkback microphone for easy communication with musicians
  • Monitor 4 independent Stereo inputs including one for your
  • Dual Headphone outputs with independent volume controls and headphone mix bus
  • Phono preamp for direct turntable connection
  • High-end studio sound quality and robust construction
  • Perfect for computer-based studios
  • Humorous product name ensures years of off-color studio humor

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