• Mackie HD1221 Active PA Speaker

  • 1200-Watt Powered PA Speaker Cab featuring a 12'' LF Driver – Single

  • Gig Ready! Comes with "FREE" Pro-quality Connecting Cable. Worth £19.00!
Mackie HD1221 Active PA Speaker

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  • Weight: 22.7 kg
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Mackie HD1221 Active PA Speaker  - Information

Mackie HD1221 2-Way active PA speakers come packed with an unrivalled feature set, including High Definition technology. Mackie HD1221 powered PA speakers deliver class-leading power, unmatched clarity, extreme flexibility and a robust design that can handle the rigors of the road. HD1221 delivers 1200-Watts of peak power (500W LF, 100W HF RMS) from its inbuilt Class-D fast recovery amplifiers and boasts an impressive maximum SPL of 133 dB.

HD1221 loudspeakers also incorporate High-Definition and patented acoustic audio processing, from its next-generation Mackie active electronics. These cabs simply redefine the performance levels that users will come to expect from powered loudspeaker enclosures.

Loaded with state-of-the-art neodymium drivers, its 12" LF woofer features a 3" voice coil and comes built to handle the massive power. The 1.75" compression driver brilliantly reproduces high-frequencies with a diaphragm made using heat-treated titanium. Magnets are manufactured from neodymium, which provides a greater magnetic field with far less material. This makes the drivers extremely lightweight without sacrificing one bit of performance. The HF driver is mounted to a custom-designed 90 x 50 horn by Martin Audio that not only delivers superior performance for its ultra-compact size, but is also user-rotatable by 90-degrees to work best for the application at hand.

HD1221 delivers a perfectly tuned system that is truly greater than the sum of its parts and benefits from collaborative engineering efforts from the most high-end, professional speaker manufactures, including Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) and Martin Audio. Mackie HD1221 active PA speakers simply deliver exceptional performance at an affordable price.

Mackie HD1221 Active PA Speaker  - Specifications

  • 1200W of ultra-efficient Class-D Fast Recovery amplification
  • LF 500W RMS / 1000W peak
  • HF 100W RMS / 200W peak
  • Mackie HD1221 High-definition digital processing includes :
    • Revolutionary patented acoustic correction
    • Transducer time alignment and phase correction
    • Precision 2-way crossover
    • Custom designed transducers by EAW
    • 12” neodymium woofer with 3” voice coil
    • 1.75” compression driver with heat-treated titanium diaphragm
    • Custom designed user-rotatable 90 x 50 horn by Martin Audio
    • 60 degree monitor angle for maximum coverage on stage
    • Three user-selectable voicing modes for easy system tuning
    • Ultra-compact and lightweight (50 lb / 22.7 kg)
    • Integrated limiting and protection circuitry
    • Rugged all wood cabinet (15mm birch)
    • 12 integrated fly points for horizontal and vertical rigging
    • Stand / pole mountable 

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