• Mackie SRM1801 Active Subwoofer

  • 1000-Watt Powered Bass Bin featuring an 18'' LF Driver – Single

  • Gig Ready! Comes with "FREE" Pro-quality Connecting Cable. Worth £19.00!
Mackie SRM1801 Active Subwoofer

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Mackie SRM1801 Active Subwoofer   - Information

Mackie SRM1801 active subwoofer features a 1000-Watt internal Class-D fast recovery amplifier and makes an excellent choice for extending the range of SRM450 powered satellite speakers. Mackie SRM1801 packs a powerful low-end punch, delivering a nuclear explosion of energy from its enormous SPL rating. SRM1801 comes loaded with an 18" high-output woofer, offering easy connectivity courtesy of an integrated crossover and active electronics.

Mackie SRM1801 features a precision tuned crossover and this rugged cabinet is more than tough enough to stand up to the rigors of the road. Class-D Fast Recovery amplification makes the SRM1801 ultra-efficient, allowing it to effortlessly deliver massive power to the 18" driver that's custom-designed to handle the job.

When added to an SRM rig, Mackie SRM1801 delivers a perfectly tuned system that simply offers exceptional performance at an affordable price.

Mackie SRM1801 Active Subwoofer   - Specifications

  • 1000W of ultra-efficient Class-D Fast Recovery amplification
  • Mackie Active electronics provide total system optimization
  • Precision crossover (125Hz)
  • Tuning filters for accurate bass response
  • 18-inch woofer delivers superior output and low-frequency extension
  • Dual XLR inputs for mono or stereo applications
  • Stereo high-pass and full range outputs
  • User-adjustable level and polarity controls
  • Individual power, signal, OL, and thermal protect indicators
  • Pole receptacle for mounting full-range loudspeakers
  • Solid plywood enclosure with high-durability, textured black paint
  • Extremely lightweight and portable (73 lbs / 33.1 kg)

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