Nord Lead 2X Synth Keyboard

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Nord Lead 2X Synth Keyboard  - Information

Nord Lead 2X Keyboard replaces the groundbreaking Lead 2 range of synths from Clavia, but retains the unmistakeable Nord livery. Nord Lead 2X turns up the volume in terms of performance when compared to the original Nord Lead and Nord Lead 2, which rank amongst the most popular synthesizers ever built.

The Nord Lead range of synth keyboards first hit the streets back in 1995. They were based on Clavia's virtual analog technology and took the music world by storm. Nord Lead synths instantly became an industry standard and now they are more powerful than ever with the Lead 2X.

The warm analog sound of the delivered by the Nord Lead synthesizers, coupled with cutting-edge digital technology from Clavia, moved it into a “leading” position in the synthesizer community. Musicians from all over the world loved its simplicity, intuitive design, and its musicality and expression offered with the virtual analog concept.

The Nord Lead 2 improved upon the original Nord Lead, including expanded polyphony. A decade later, the Nord Lead, and its descendant the Nord Lead 2, are still among the most popular synths ever built. Used worldwide on stage and in studios, the Nord Lead series has contributed to the signature sounds of some of the most popular musicians and producers known today.

The Nord Lead 2X has the same characteristic sound and functions as the Nord Lead 2, except for some very nice improvements - check out the specifications tab!

Nord Lead 2X Synth Keyboard  - Specifications

  • X-tra polyphony: The Nord Lead 2X comes with 20 voices polyphony - very useful when creating layered sounds, "power pads", awesome leads and booming basses. 20 voices are also very beneficial in sequencing situations when you use more than one sound at a time.
  • X-tra memory: The Nord Lead 2X comes with a large internal memory holding 4 x 99 user Programs, 100 user Performances and 4 x 10 user Percussion Kits plus 6 x 99 factory Programs and 3 x 100 factory Performances! The Nord Lead 2X is 100% patch compatible with the Nord Lead 2 which means that you can transfer sounds directly between the models via MIDI.
  • X-tra high resolution: The awesome sound in the Nord Lead 2X is refined even further thanks to the brand new, crystal clear 24-bit DACs running at 96kHz.

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