• Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Stage Piano

  • New replacement for the awesome Piano 88 by Clavia

  • Includes free QL-646 Keyboard Stand and Nord Soft Case!
Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Stage Piano

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Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Stage Piano  - Information

Nord Piano 2 HA88 digital stage piano features the awesome Clavia 500 MB Piano as well as the stunning 128 MB Sample Libraries. Nord Piano 2 HA88 also features improved playability, offering users the ability to split, layer and combine sounds. Piano 2 HA-88 offers all this functionality and more from a streamlined portable package loaded with an 88-note Hammer Action Weighted Keyboard that weighs in at only 18kg.

Nord Piano 2 88 comes with a wide range of quality acoustic and electro-mechanical instruments from the Nord Piano Library, all with their own unique character. The included Nord Triple Pedal features a dynamic sustain pedal that can also recreate the mechanical "stomp" and "sizzle" noises that occur when the lifting or releasing the dampener in an Acoustic Grand or Upright Piano. The Advanced String Resonance feature simulates the subtle phenomenon that occurs when piano strings cause other un-dampened strings to resonate, further adding to an amazing level of realism.

The Nord Sample Library offers more than 1,000 high quality sample-instruments ranging from Strings, Brass, Synths and Basses to the legendary vintage sounds of the Mellotron and Chamberlin.  Both the Nord Piano and Nord Sample libraries are continuously updated and are available as free downloads for all Nord owners. All of the sounds in the Nord Piano 2 HA88 are replaceable, making it an instrument that is built to evolve with you. It’s even possible to create your own sample instruments using the Nord Sample Editor.

Clavia Nord Piano 2 also features dedicated buttons and knobs for all functions the performing musician needs instead of confusing menus. Clavia have made Piano 2 amazingly simple to layer and split sounds, and there’s a volume pedal input for sneaking in those strings while you keep playing and a new extensive effects section.

Nord Piano 2 HA88 Digital Stage Piano  - Specifications

  • Nord Piano Library: 500 MB
  • Piano Locations: 6 types x 9 models (54)
  • Piano Polyphony: 40/60 voices 9stereo/mono pianos)
  • String Resonance: Yes (Gen 2)
  • Long Release: Yes (selectable on panel)
  • Pedal Noise: Yes
  • Dynamic Sustain Pedal: Yes
  • Nord Sample Library: 128 MB
  • Sample Polyphony: 18 voices
  • Transpose: Yes
  • Independent sustain via Sustenuto Pedal: Yes
  • Effect 1: Pan, Tremelo, Stereo Auto-Wah
  • Effect 2: Stereo Phaser, Flanger and Chorus
  • Delay: Stereo Delay with Tap Tempo
  • EQ: 3-Band, sweepable mid
  • Amp Simulation: Twin, JC, Small (mono), Stereo Tube Distortion, Compressor (Stereo)
  • Master Effects: Reverb (6 modes)
  • Keyboard: 88-Note Weighted Hammer Action
  • Outputs: 2
  • Volume Pedal Input: Yes
  • Monitor Input: Yes
  • MIDI over USB: Yes
  • Programs: 2 Banks x 24 Pages x 5 Programs (240 Locations)
  • Live/Auto Save Programs: 5 locations
  • Split Keyboard: Yes, selectable split point
  • Layers, Dual Sounds: Yes
  • Program Transpose: Yes
  • Weight: 18kg

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