• Numark TTUSB USB Turntable

  • USB compatible turntable - record Vinyl straight to PC with the included Audacity software

Numark TTUSB USB Turntable
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Numark TTUSB USB Turntable  - Information

Numark TTUSB USB DJ Turntable features an onboard USB audio interface. Numark TTUSB DJ Decks enable the recording of Vinyl straight to your computer.  TTUSB is a unique, plug and play, USB compatible turntable that makes digitizing your vinyl record collection to your PC or Mac a snap. Packaged with all the necessary cables to connect with a computer or stereo playback system, along with software to remove clicks, pops, and other undesirable characteristics of vinyl, Numark TTUSB delivers a comprehensive package that breathes new life into older recordings.

As an added benefit, TT-USB also includes a 1/8-inch stereo mini jack input connector to facilitate the transfer of cassette tapes (or similar line level sources) to computer files, which makes TTUSB the perfect tool for archiving older recordings, regardless of their original format. For the editing of your transferred files, the included Audacity software (PC and Mac compatible) provides a wealth of easy-to-use features. Exporting your analog music to popular digital formats such as WAV or MP3, and turning your old, forgotten records to the top of your digital music playlist is a breeze with Numark TTUSB.

Numark TTUSB USB Turntable  - Specifications

  • Adjustable Anti–Skate control for increased stereo balancing
  • 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speed playback, with 78 rpm support via software
  • Line level RCA outputs (with built-in pre-amp)
  • Adjustable pitch control +/-10%
  • 1/8” stereo line input, RCA line outputs
  • USB computer connectivity for PC and Mac
  • Packaged with all necessary cables to connect with computer or stereo playback system
  • Included EZ Converter software quickly rips your vinyl collection directly to iTunes
  • Also ships with Audacity software for removing clicks, pops and other vinyl sounds. Audacity supports high-speed recording and has ability to export to WAV and MP3 files

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