Roland SPD-20
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Roland SPD-20  - Information

The Roland SPD-20 incorporates a much larger wave memory than the popular SPD-11, giving drummers and percussionists 700 sounds with greatly improved resolution. These new sounds range from acoustic drums derived from the V-Drums ( TD-10 ) - like jazz, old-school, funk and rock drum kits - to expressive world and ethnic percussion instruments and even classic and quirky electronic drum sounds. Users can configure these sounds into banks and assign them to any of 8 velocity-sensitive pads, ready for instant triggering. The Roland SPD20 answers the needs of several different types of musicians: the acoustic drummer or percussionist who's looking to add electronic sounds to his performance but doesn't want to use a full electronic kit; the MIDI musician who wants to compose more natural sounding rhythm tracks by playing like a real drummer; and the drummer who simply wants to practice his chops and develop rhythms at low volume using the SPD-20's headphone output.

Roland SPD-20  - Specifications

  • Compact electronic percussion multi-pad/sound module.
  • 700 high-quality drum and percussion sounds and various sound effects.
  • Broad selection of ethnic/world percussion instruments.
  • 8 velocity sensitive rubber pads for expressive triggering and output via MIDI.
  • Built-in selectable multi-effects algorithms including Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Flanger.
  • Four dual-trigger inputs for triggering SPD-20 sounds from external PD-series pads, KD-7 Kick Trigger, FD-7 Hi-Hat Control pedal and more.
  • Can be connected directly to acoustic drum triggers via four drum trigger inputs.
  • Durable, time-tested construction and proven reliability of earlier SPD-11.

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