StudioLogic SL990XP Midi Controller Keyboard
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StudioLogic SL990XP Midi Controller Keyboard  - Information

StudioLogic SL990XP draws upon years of Fatar's experience in building high quality keybeds for a range of World leading manufacturers. StudioLogic SL990XP is a Midi Master, or Controller, keyboard that features a superb 88-note, weighted hammer keyboard action. In short, SL990XP delivers the feel of a real piano.

Studiologic SL990XP secret lies in the patented hammer mechanism, and the all-new "Contoured Strike Force" technology developed by Fatar. Most "Piano Action" instruments rely on weighted keys with a sluggish action and little in the way of dynamic range. FATAR's hammer, on the other hand, is thrown up and forward on its' pivot as the key is depressed, mimicking exactly the mechanism of a traditional acoustic piano. The combination of more mass moving through a greater arc means greater acceleration of the key and a remarkably increased dynamic range, making the SL990-XP feel more like a real piano.

You'll find that you can put huge power into chord stabs and loud passages while the natural inertia of the hammer mechanism provides exactly the right kind of dynamic counter balance that lets you massage real piano keys for expressive pianissimo. Equally important is the tiny bounce that a hammer gives to the key as it comes to rest. It's this bounce that lets you play those two handed paradiddles, and gives you the accurate, expressive control you're looking for over all your playing, whether it's piano, string, horn or percussion parts.

Separating the keyboard from the synthesizer has been the logical path since the advent of MIDI, but up until now, the cost has been prohibitive. Now, with FATAR's amazing Studiologic SL990XP means you can have the great piano feel and comprehensive features of Studio Logic Master Controller Keyboards along with your favorite MIDI sound modules at a price that won't break the bank.

StudioLogic SL990XP Midi Controller Keyboard  - Specifications

  • 88 Note Weighted Piano Hammer Action Keyboard
  • Velocity Sensitivity
  • Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels
  • Selectable MIDI Transmit Channel
  • Program Change
  • Bank Select
  • Transpose
  • 100 Memory Locations
  • Sustain Pedal Jack
  • Volume Pedal Jack
  • Size: 133 x 35 x 12 cm
  • Weight: 20 KG

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