TL Audio M4
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TL Audio M4  - Information

The TL Audio M4 is the perfect solution for the modern day studio. Anyone who has used or heard our outboard equipment, will be familiar with its ability to create a warm, smooth, and clean sound that can inject wonderful ‘feel’ into your recordings.

The TL Audio M4 offers you the quality of TLA's outboard, in a desk that is more compact and affordable than the VTC – but still offers you the same great sound. It has been designed to maximise today’s recording techniques, with the addition of an optional ADAT output for easy digital connection to your recording device and software. It makes the perfect front end to any digital recording set up, taking away that ‘clinical, sterile’ sound whilst adding warmth and depth to your recordings – giving you the sound that you have been longing for.

Everything about the TL Audio M4 has been designed to give you maximum pleasure, from the unbelievably great sounding 4 band sweepable EQ section, to the numerous valve stages and digital output options. You can be sure that the desk is not only a fantastic piece of engineering, it is also great eye candy!

Available in 16, 24 and 32 channel options the M4 combines that classic valve sound with modern functionality.

TL Audio M4 Preliminary Information:

  • A fully featured classic console designed to maximise today’s digital production techniques while continuing to deliver that elusive sound from an illustrious era.
  • 16, 24 or 32 input channels versions each with valve pre-amps
  • 8 Channel ADAT interface options
  • 24 bit 96kHz mix output option
  • Track direct channel outputs with level control
  • 100mm K Series faders
  • Four band equalisers with bypass
  • Four auxiliary sends selectable pre/post
  • Channel mute and pfl
  • Studio monitoring
  • Levels switchable +4 or -10 dBu
  • Stereo metering
  • External rack mounted PSU
  • Compatible with all DAWs
  • Solid oiled oak armrest and side cheeks
  • Classic big valve console performance in a compact package

TL Audio M4 Preliminary Specification:

  • Mic Input: Balanced XLR socket with switchable 48V phantom power,
  • Gain range +16dB to +60dB with 30dB pad,
  • Frequency response +0, -2dB, 20Hz to 40KHz (at 40dB gain),
  • Input noise (EIN) -127dBu (150 ohm source, 22Hz to 22KHz),
  • Switchable +48V Phantom Power.
  • Line Input: Balanced TRS jack socket,
  • Input impedance 22Kohm,
  • Gain range -20dB to +20dB,
  • Maximum input level +26dBu.
  • Phase Rev: Applies to Mic and Line inputs.
  • High Pass Filter: -3dB @ 90Hz, second order. Applies to Mic and Line inputs.
  • Frequency Response: (Line Input to Track Output) +0, -0.5dB, 10Hz to 40KHz.
  • Distortion: 0.4% typical (see note).
  • Noise: -85dBu, 22Hz to 22KHz,
  • (Line Input to Track Output, Input gain and Track level @ 0dB).
  • EQ: 4 Band, with shelving LF/HF and peaking LM/HM,
  • EQ “On” switch and LED,
  • HF +/-15dB @ 10KHz,
  • HM +/-15dB @ 500Hz to 18KHz,
  • LM +/-15dB @ 50Hz to 2KHz,
  • LF +/-15dB @ 100Hz.
  • Insert Point: Balanced send and return on TRS jacks,
  • Nominal level switchable to +4dBu or -10dBu,
  • Insert “On” switch and LED.
  • Insert “Pre” (EQ) switch.
  • Track Output: Channel direct out, independent of mute switch and fader,
  • Track “Pre EQ” switch,
  • Level trim +/-15dB,
  • Nominal level switchable to +4dBu or -10dBu,
  • Noise -85dBu / -97dBu (+4dBu / -10dBu nominal),
  • Maximum level +22dBu / +12dBu (+4dBu / -10dBu nominal),
  • Balanced output on TRS jack.
  • Fader: 100mm “K” Series,
  • Mute and PFL switches and LED’s,
  • Routing to L+R busses via Pan control,
  • “Drive” LED with illumination increasing from +4dBu to +12dBu
  • “Peak” LED illuminating @ +19dBu, monitoring channel input
  • amplifier and post fader signal.
  • L+R Output

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