Wharfedale Titan 15 Active Speaker Cab
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  • Weight: 26.9 kg
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Wharfedale Titan 15 Active Speaker Cab  - Information

Wharfedale Titan 15 Active Speaker Cab design is the result of intensive computer modeling of natural acoustic wave propagation. To provide more acoustically transparent high-frequency pattern control, hard edges, corners, and parallel surfaces were eliminated from the design while still enabling 90 x 60 degree high frequency coverage. The smoother, more "organic" shape of the EWG™ design reduces high frequency distortion and diffraction eliminating acoustic artifacts found in other horn design technologies. The result is smoother frequency response, greater driver efficiency, and improved vocal and instrument reproduction.

  • Proprietary 90° x 60° Elliptical Wave Guide™ horn design
  • Power on indicator in horn throat and on rear panel

Wharfedale Titan 15A Features:

The Titan™ 15 Active is a self-powered, two-way professional loudspeaker system incorporating a high grade Bi-Amp Class D and Class A/B Amplifiers. The model also has intelligent electronics, such as full protection system: DC, overload, short circuit, thermal, On / Off mute and LF / HF Limiters, which protects the system from overload and allows reliable operation right up to the power limit.

  • The bottom of the Titan™ 15 ACTIVE provides a convenient built in pole mount socket for easy mounting on a standard 35mm diameter speaker stand pole.
  • The speaker stand receptacle features a locking screw to ensure stability.
  • Ten M8 threaded rigging points are provided for a variety of safe flying
  • configurations with four of these inserts available, bottom-mounted, in an OmniMount® 60.0 bracket footprint.

The Titan™ 15 ACTIVE provides basic mixing functions with a variety of input options. Two inputs with separate level controls and a common equalization section allow for overall balance and tonal characteristic control. Easy interfacing to external mixers and processors provide for easy expansion to larger, more sophisticated systems.

Wharfedale Titan 15 Active Speaker Cab  - Specifications

  • System type: Active 15" 2-way Bi-Amplified
  • Output Power: 350 + 70watts RMS (700+140watt Peak)
  • Frequency response +/- 3db: 50-20kHz
  • Hf type: Titanium Compression Driver
  • Horn dispersion (H x V): 90° x 60°
  • Hf exit size mm / inches: 25mm / 1"
  • Enclosure Material: Injection Moulded Polypropylene
  • Enclosure Colour: Grey or Black
  • Net weight ( kg / lbs ): 23.94kg / 52.67lbs
  • Gross weight ( kg / lbs ): 26.94kg / 59.27lbs
  • Input connector: XLR - 1/ 4" Combo jack
  • Power On Protection: Power switch on / off mute
  • Thermal Protection: Amplifier shutdown, auto reset
  • Low Line Voltage Shut Down: 60% Nominal line voltage
  • Driver Protection: Independent LF and HF limiters
  • DC Protection: Yes
  • Short Protection: Yes
  • Controls: High (±10dB) 10kHz Shelving
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 708.3mm x 477.8mm x 401.77mm / 27.9" x 18.8" x 15.8"



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