Yamaha DTX540K Electronic Drum Kit

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Yamaha DTX540K Electronic Drum Kit  - Information

Yamaha DTX540K is an all new electronic drum kit for 2011 designed to replace DTXpress IV Special. Yamaha DTX540K is one of an extensive range of new DTX electronic drum kits that deliver the legendary Yamaha sound quality, feel and playability of acoustic drums. DTX540K also features DTX-PAD, which sets the new standard in electronic drum pads, providing drummers with a pad that is exceptionally quiet. Yamaha have teamed up with the world’s top drummers to satisfy their demanding sense of perfection. This next generation drum pad allows for true development of acoustic drumming techniques. DTX540 Kit uses the DTX-PAD for the snare, toms and floor tom. You will see definite results in your drumming from every practice session with the Yamaha DTX540K.

Yamaha DTX500 drum trigger module features Yamaha’s high-quality tone generator with realistic acoustic drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds. You get the sounds of hi-end oak, maple, beech and birch drums, with details like velocity-switching samples (that changes sound characteristic as you play harder) so you will feel like you are listening to a “live” set of drums. The 50 preset kits are ready for you to perform a wide range of music styles, and you can select your favorite sounds to create custom user kits, and add digital reverb effects and master EQ to sweeten the sound. While the DTX-PADs provide an authentic drum feel, the DTX500 drum trigger module provides you with amazingly realistic drum sounds. Using digital sound technology derived from the MOTIF ES synthesizer, these instruments come alive from under your sticks, directly responding to your dynamic performance with full musical expression.

DTX540K features inbuilt songs that let you play along in different styles with or without the recorded drum track, solo the bass player, or with the full ensemble to make playing fun and practicing seem more like a band rehearsal. Yamaha’s popular groove tools have set the standard for educational functions that are not only easy and fun to use, but actually help you become a better drummer. DTX540K has a collection of training functions including the popular Groove Check that displays whether you are playing early or late, so you can more easily correct undesirable habits. Rhythm Gate is like a drumming game that automatically mutes the sound if you playing is too far out of time, so you quickly learn to control your groove and play “in the pocket”. Practice has never been this much fun.

The cymbals of the DTX540K feature Yamaha's advanced 3-zone cymbal pads which can express a different sound in each of the cup, bow and edge zones.The DTX540K features a hi-hat system that uses a remote hi-hat pedal controller and trigger pad to provide realistic hi-hat expression. Yamaha DTX540K Kit gives you peace of mind, you can expand by adding up to four pads if you want more toms, cymbals or a double-bass configuration. All kinds of upgrades including support for the DTX-PADs are possible. The RS500 rack for the DTX540K uses curved steel pipes for a compact setup that offers durable stability, and features a ball clamp that lets you precisely position the snare pad.

Yamaha DTX540K Electronic Drum Kit  - Specifications

  • DTX-PADs - For Quiet Practice that Improves Technique
  • Play along with musical practice songs
  • Practical tools that improve your groove
  • 3-Zone Cymbals with “Choke” feature deliver Realistic Expression
  • Expressive Hi-Hat System for advanced performance
  • Aux Input connection
  • Programmable click tracks with the Hi-Performance Metronome
  • Impressive Expandability and Upgrades - Add up to Four Pads
  • Midi connection
  • RS500 Ergonomic Rack System with Real Drum Hardware
  • Yamaha DTX540K Includes:
    • Module: DTX500
    • Snare: XP80
    • Tom: XP70 x 2
    • Floor Tom: XP70
    • Bass Drum: KP65
    • Hi-Hat: PCY100 + HH65
    • Crash Cymbal: PCY100
    • Ride Cymbal: PCY135
    • Rack: RS500

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