dB Technologies HPA 3100L Power Amplifier
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  • Manufacturer SKU: DB-HPA3100L
  • Soundslive ID: 8836
  • Weight: 17 kg
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dB Technologies HPA 3100L Power Amplifier  - Information

dB Technologies HPA 3100L power amp comes designed to deliver high performance and quality at an astonishingly affordable price. dB Technologies HPA 3100L offers the ideal solution for all types of PA system, from professional touring racks to fixed installation. HPA3100L power amps feature Class-(HD) technology and push out an incredible 1700-Watts of RMS audio per channel at 2 ohms.

Weighing in at just 14 kg, HPA3100L also comes with a PFC switched-mode power supply engineered for utmost ease of use and extensive protective circuits ensure reliable, safe operation. dB Technologies HPA 3100L also feature XLR inputs for patching in signals as well as Speakon ports for connecting speaker systems.

dB Technologies HPA 3100L Power Amplifier  - Specifications

  • 2x 1200 W/RMS at 4 ohms
  • Class-(HD) technology to minimize thermal load and maximize efficiency
  • Fast response and dynamic sonic image with lowest distortion factors
  • Easy to configure in mono/stereo/bridge modes
  • Extensive protective circuits ensure high reliability and operating safety
  • Front panel signal and clip and protect LED indicators
  • Operable at 2 ohms (not all models)
  • Speakon connectors
  • 2 HU, 19“, low weight for easy transportation
  • Switchable limiter

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